Who is this for?: 18+
Fees: $5.00 for All 6 Classes
Day: Wednesdays
Date: 10/11 - 11/15, 2023
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: 240 Algoma Blvd, Community Room. Enter east facing doors
When is this offered?: Both Summer and School Year

Welcome to our expanded financial education series!  This summer we will have six different conversations on various topics, all very important to your financial success.  We have changed and updated content and added an additional conversation that will cover other types of insurances such as home and auto policies.  So, whether you have attended before or are brand new, you are sure to get something valuable out of your attendance!  

Part I:  Real Estate

For many of us, our homes are our biggest asset.  Wouldn't it be nice to know what it's really worth in today's crazy housing market?  We will touch on the things that will maintain or increase the value of your home, and the tools you can use to best assess its value.

Part II:  Advanced Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning

Attorney Joseph McCleer of McCleer Law Office goes a step beyond "just the basics" in detailing methods (such as utilizing trusts) for preserving wealth for your family after you pass.

Part III:  Roth IRA Conversions:  Is Now the Time?

In 2025 many tax provisions are set to revert back to what they were before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  This may have many Americans facing higher taxes in years to come.  If the idea of Roth conversions are new to you, or even if you have considered them in the past and thought it was not worth it, this conversation just  might change your perspective!

Part IV:  Health Insurance

With all the changes that have happened with health insurance in the last years, let an expert in the field guide you to the right choice for you!  There are options for those who want to retire early or even for those wanting to start their own business, but health insurance is holding them back.  Come learn all the options available as well as what all this "tax credit" stuff means.

Part V:   Investment Management

Just like a person, your portfolio may look fine on the outside, but inside something may be going terribly wrong.  Unfortunately investors rarely discover this until after the damage is done.  In this course we will discuss the common, devastating errors and flaws seen in most investment portfolios, and the academic principles you are able to follow to make sure your portfolio can weather all market conditions.

 Part VI:  Home and Auto Insurance - What Do These Numbers Mean?

In this conversation we will take a tour through home and auto insurance policies, learn the meanings behind the terminology, prices and what IS NOT necessary coverage.