Who is this for?: 18+
Fees: $2.50 Drop-in with Punchcard
Day: Monday & Wednesday Mornings
Date: March 16-May 11, 2022
Time: Mondays: 8:00-8:45 AM; Wednesdays: 11:00 - 11:45 AM
Location: Recreation Building Gym
When is this offered?: School Year

Introducing an awesome new fitness class, in collaboration with PDS Fusion!

No matter what your level of fitness is, we have a spot for you. 

This fun and exciting fitness class brings together drumsticks, an exercise ball, and an exercise ball stand to create one of the most fun workouts you’ll ever do! Using the exercise ball and the floor as your drum, and mixing in fun moves, cardio drumming turns keeping a rhythm into a workout you won’t want to stop.

Perfect for any age or ability. Participants can stand or sit.  Please bring a large 55-65cm exercise ball if you have one. We will have a supply at class. Participants must bring their own drumming sticks (search "cardio drumming sticks" or "fitness drumming sticks"). Drumming can be done by hand if preferred. 

How to Participate

Participants must purchase a punch card before attending a class.

A maximum of 30 classes may be purchased per card.  Cost is $2.50 per punch.

The card may be used at any of the listed classes. Participants can join a class at any time.

Cards are available for purchase at the ORD office located at 425 Division Street, downtown Oshkosh.    


Note: On days when public schools are closed due to bad weather, all classes will be cancelled. On days when public schools have a two hour delay, only morning classes will be cancelled.


— Important Fitness Note —

Before you start any exercise program you should consult with your physician, especially if you are over 35 years of age, are taking any form of medication, have not exercised regu- larly, or if you have had any symptoms of heart disease or other serious illness that might affect your ability to exercise