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Online Facilities Reservation Process

The reservation and scheduling of district facilities for activity that occurs after 6:00PM on weeknights and all weekends, is handled by the Oshkosh Recreation Department (ORD). This processing of building reservations in the past occurred with submitting written building requests on paper and forwarding them to the ORD for final confirmation.

Our process for reserving facilities is now changing to an on-line software system effective immediately called rSchoolToday. This system will allow you to submit your requests electronically through the website address of https://fs-oshkoshrecdept.rschooltoday.com.

Please follow the step by step instructions listed below to complete your building reservation request.

Establishing Registration Credentials and Approvals

  • Log in to fs-oshkoshrecdept.rschooltoday.com

  • Click Become a Requester and establish a user name and password for continuous use. Complete all information that is required. Make sure you fill in your organization/client name where needed (PTO-School Name, Cub Scouts-Pack 1111, etc.).

  • When all information is completed click “Submit Registration Form”.

  • Once you submit your registration form, it will send an email to the Recreation Department for approval. You will then receive an email from the Recreation Department stating you are approved and ready to start reserving your space.

Process to Reserve a District Facility

(User must first complete the Establishing Registration Credentials listed above.)

Log in to https://fs-oshkoshrecdept.rschooltoday.com, using the user name and password that you set up when you asked to become a requester.

  • Click on My Requests-Your name should appear in the Choose a Client field or use drop down menu to place your name in the field.

  • Fill in the name of your activity.

  • Add your activity date and times-choose date(s) from calendar that will appear on your screen.

  • Place your start and end time of the activity. Also fill in setup and tear down times (if necessary), other needs (activity related items), set-up notes, attendance (estimated attendance for your event) and location.

  • Hit Save and Continue

  • Choose your location that you want to reserve. Leave the location type field as indicated, showing All

  • Hit View-The complete listing of locations will appear for your specific building.

  • Check the select box for all of the building areas that you need.

  • When complete, hit book (lower right of screen)

  • Click on Submit and Exit.

  • Your request will now go through the approval routing. You will receive an e-mail confirmation regarding the final status of your request (approved or denied).

As with all new programs, there may be continuing issues/ problems that may need to be resolved until the system is running totally efficient.
This is a new venture for our district that ultimately will provide a more efficient method to reserve our facilities. If you have any questions, please call our office at 920-424-0150.

Thank you.