Tuesday 14" Limited Arc Softball League

“Having been popular for years in the upper Fox Valley, the Oshkosh Recreation Department is pleased to offer men’s 14” softball league on Tuesday nights for 2019.  
For those new to 14” softball, it is a game played as softball used to be enjoyed.  That is, as a station-to-station game that relies on defense with many outs occurring at the bases.  It forces all players on the field to play the game, rather than just the pitcher and the batter as in modern Slow Pitch softball.  As there are fewer over-the-fence home runs, singles and hits in the gaps are valued to advance the runners.   The games are usually very competitive and are typically decided by 1-2 runs with few run-rule games.
This new league will utilize all the same regular city softball rules with the only exception being that the teams will no longer be required to purchase their own softballs.  All 14” softballs will be supplied by the Rec Department and both teams will bat the same ball.  Also, as in all city leagues, bats used will be required to be tested and carry a “2019 Passed” sticker.
The ORD is excited to offer this slow pitch option to teams.