Epic Kid Coders

cropped epic logo 01Ages: 8-14

Students will be engaged in creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration while learning the skill of Coding. Four course levels are offered:

Programming in Scratch: Students will learn the basics of Scratch, a visual programming language created by M.I.T. Students will  learn to create basic games, an interactive story and animation, while adding sound and art.

Video Game Programming: (Pre-requisite-Programming in Scratch). Students will be using Scratch, learning the basics of creating video games and having fund creating their own.

Modding in Minecraft: Students will learn basics of the programming language Python and will apply their creativity within the game of Minecraft.

Modding in Minecraft 2: (Pre-Requisite-Modding in Minecraft): A continuation of the first modding class, students will learn more in-depth Python concepts while experiencing the fun of playing their creations.