Who is this for?: Children age 3 and older, participating with an adult aged 18 and over.
Fees: $10
Non-Resident Fees: $15
Day: Tuesdays
Date: 2/6/24- 3/12/24
Time: 5:00 - 5:30 PM
When is this offered?: School Year

This 6 week program gets parents/guardians and their kids drumming, exercising and having fun all in one class. This is a fitness class that uses “drumsticks”, exercise balls, and ball stands along with some great music to workout and have LOTS of fun! This is the perfect class for ANY fitness level. 

Please Note:  A family is one parent/guardian 18 and older with one child 3 or older. This is a one-on-one activity, with one adult interacting with one child.  The adult must participate along with the child. 

This activity is held at the Recreation Department Gym, located at 425 Division Street, door #1, in downtown Oshkosh.

Equipment:  We have balls and stands but we encourage to bring your own if you have them (they are literally an exercise ball and a laundry basket). At the very least, please provide your own sticks. We do have a few extra pairs but not many.  They can be purchased on Amazon (search exercise drumming sticks). You can get them for under $10!