Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a facility use permit for non-school related events scheduled at a facility during the school day?

Standard school visitor protocol will be followed by the school’s main office during the school day.

Do we need to complete a reservation form for district athletic outdoor facilities?

Yes, field reservations need to be submitted via our New Online Facilities Reservation Process

How far in advance should we submit our facility use request form for processing?

A Facility Use Request Form should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the requested date.

Where can we obtain a facility use request form?

The forms are available in the Facility Reservations folder of the Forms & Documents section of our website and at the ORD office, 425 Division St.

What are the Oshkosh Area School District facility usage policy and procedures?

See OASD School Board Policy 7510 for the exact policy and procedures.

When are your activity guides available and how can I access one?

The ORD publishes two activity guides during the calendar year. The school year activity guide is usually available in early August and provides program information during the months of August through early June. The summer activity guide is usually available in April and provides program information during the summer months of June through early September. The activity guides are mailed directly to residents of the OASD.

Additional copies are available at the Public Library, the City Parks Department and here on our website.

Why is the Oshkosh Recreation Department under the governance of the Oshkosh Area School District?

The ORD was established in 1916 under the school district and has retained this system of governance ever since. This model is advantageous to our participants as our residency eligibility expands beyond the city limits and includes all residents of the school district boundaries. Further, the majority of facilities used for programs are in our schools thus preventing any additional costs to participants for program use. The tax base to support the program is also expanded to include property owners of the entire school district and not just the City of Oshkosh.

Where is the Oshkosh Recreation Department located?

The Oshkosh Recreation Department is located in downtown Oshkosh at 425 Division Street. Enter Door #1 of our building for the most convenient access to our office.