Online Registration - Virtual Summer Programming

The following programs will be offered virtually and registration will only be accepted by the ORD’s online registration system.  Online registration will go live Monday, June 22, at 8:00 a.m. To register, please visit https://oshkoshrecdept.cr3.rschooltoday.com.  

IMPORTANT: Please note that class times may have been altered from what is listed in the ORD’s 2020 Summer Activity Guide. Check the rSchool registration website for up-to-date information.

NOTE: The virtual programs will require access to the internet and a device with a webcam. Some supplies may also be needed.

  • Virtual Art Camp - July 13 & 14 or July 15 & 16 - Students will explore a variety of age-appropriate art techniques learning basic art skills to create new art.
  • Little Einsteins - July 27-30, M-Th  - Students will learn basic science concepts through entertaining demonstrations, discussions, and engagement. Topic: The Human Body
  • Kids in the Kitchen - July 20-30 M-Th - Students will learn basic kitchen skills including safety, measurements, utensils, and more. Students will also learn basic nutrition information and will be given steps on how to create easy, healthy recipes. 
  • Beginner Spanish - August 3-6 - Students will learn basic Spanish language concepts including numbers, colors, greetings, and more through interactive activities.
  • Epic Kid Coders: July 6-9 or August 3-6
    • Programming in Scratch 1 - Students will learn the basics of Scratch, a visual programming language created by M.I.T. Students will also learn to create basic games, an interactive story and animation while adding sound and art.
    • Programming in Scratch 2 - Students will build upon the basics learned in PS1. Students will take on more advanced projects building advanced games, stories and more.
    • Build Your Own Android App - Students will learn basic programming principles while creating different games and applications for Android using M.I.T. App Inventor - an open-source, intuitive, visual programming environment that makes it easy and fun to build functional apps for smartphones and tablets. (NOTE: Access to an android device is not required.)