Swim Lesson Participant Information

Please Read Carefully Before Registering


Resident:  FREE*
Non-Residents:  $20.00

* This program is offered  free of charge for Oshkosh residents due to it being a part of the Oshkosh Area School District summer school program.

Participants may enroll initially in one class. Participants wishing to enroll in an additional class must wait until completion of the original class. Registration must take place in person only at the ORD office (6/19/20 or 7/2/20 for Class 2 AM or 7/6/20 after Class 2 PM) during regular office hours.

ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. You must bring paperwork received from the class your child completed for verification of proper placement. See registration information page for registration dates and instructions.

If you are unsure what level to register your child for, please call the ORD office at (920) 424-0150, and we will try to assist you.

If you have taken lessons elsewhere, please provide us with that information on your registration form so we may properly process your form.

Class size is limited. Maximum 8 for Levels PC, 1 - 6. Maximum class size for Pre-School 3 & 4 year old classes is 6.

If you are going to miss the first scheduled day of class, you MUST notify the ORD Office, (920) 424-0150, prior to the first day of class or you will automatically be DROPPED from the class and replaced with someone from the wait list.

Registrations will NOT be accepted at the pool site.

NOTE: Pool temperatures are regulated by the schools within state health code standards. The schools try to maintain a comfortable water temperature for all user groups. Please keep this in mind when attending our classes. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with the Head Instructor at your lesson site or call the ORD at (920) 424-0150.