Epic Kid Coders

cropped epic logo 01Ages: 8-17

Students will be engaged in creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration while learning the skill of Coding.

Programming in Scratch 1:

Students will learn the basics of programming using Scratch, a visual programming language created by M.I.T. Students will learn to create basic games, an interactive story and animation, while adding sound and art.

Programming in Scratch 2:

(Pre-Requisite-Programming in Scratch 1, currently enrolled or completed)

Students will build upon the basics learned in PS1. Students will take on more advanced projects building advanced games, stories and more

Modding in Minecraft 1:

(Previously Modding in Minecraft)

Students will learn basics of modding in Minecraft using an open source software called ScriptCraft to interact with Minecraft (Java Edition). Using ScriptCraft combined with the concepts of the visual programming language Scratch, students will be taught the basics of JavaScript programming while learning to create simple mods in Minecraft. Minecraft accounts and computers are provided to all students during each class.

Build Your Own Android App:

Students will learn basic programming principles while creating different games and applications for Android using MIT App Inventor – an open source, intuitive, visual programming environment, similar to Scratch, that makes it easy and fun to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets.

NOTE: An Android device is not required, however students will have the ability to transfer their programs over to a phone or tablet so they can share them with family and friends.

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Resident: $25.00
Non-Resident: $30.00

This class is exempt from the family cap.