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ESports League (NEW)

GG League ESportsThe Oshkosh Recreation Department is excited to announce that we have partnered up with GG Leagues to bring a new Esports Leagues to Oshkosh!  The Esports league will be available for a youth and teen league for the following games: 

  • Madden 21,
  • Rocket League 1v1 & 3v3,
  • Fortnite 1v1 & 2v2,
  • Super Smash Bros! 

Participants MUST own a corresponding gaming system AND game title in order to play in the league.

Leagues launch: Week of July 12, 2021  Leagues end: 08/14/2021


$30/person per league

Click here to register for the 2021 Summer Session.  Registration opens May 1.  Registration will close June 28.  

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