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Kitchen Kreations (NEW)

Check out our new kitchen series which will introduce students to more unique cooking, baking and food creating opportunities!

Ages: 8-13 

It’s A Piece Of Cake!: During this two night workshop, students will learn to bake a cake and make frosting from scratch. On the second night students will learn some basic cake decorating techniques, crumb coating, base coat frosting, basic piping skills including how to make a shell border and rosettes.

Ages: 6-9

Sweet Summer Bouquet: In this 2 for 1 class students learn how to create a simple fruit bouquet arrangement along with learning how to melt and use chocolate to add some eye appealing texture and flavor to their bouquet creation.


Resident: $10.00
Non-Resident: $15.00

Click here to register for the 2021 Summer Session.  Registration opens May 3 at 8AM (May 17 for Non-Residents)

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