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Adult Basketball League Rules

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ADULT (18+) SUMMER 2017



  1. All teams shall have the entry fee of $60.00 per team; and the $27.00 per resident player or $42.00 per non-resident registration fee paid to the Recreation Department by May 9, 2017. The team’s complete roster is due at the time of registration. The team entry fee and player registration fees are not refundable. ALL PAYMENTS ARE MADE BY CHECK ONLY!
  2. A player must pay a player registration fee (resident or non-resident) in order to play in any league game. All players added to the roster must also pay the player registration fee.
  3. All fees must be paid by May 9, 2017, for consideration of placement in a league.
  4. Any player not registered in the Recreation Department Office is not eligible to play.
  5. A team must have at least eight players, but not more than twelve players on their original roster.
  6. Any non-resident player found registered with a Recreation Department League team at a resident fee by falsifying information on the player registration/release form and/or official roster form will be suspended for the remainder of the current season and player fee will be forfeited.
  7. The total number of players on the roster on May 9, 2017, shall be the maximum allowed.
  8. The 2017 Basketball Season is scheduled to begin on May 30, 2017 (tentative).


  1. Players participating in Recreation Department basketball must meet one of the following requirements to be eligible:
    1. All resident players must live within the Oshkosh Area School District. A business address is not considered as a home address.
    2. Basketball teams will be allowed to register six (6) non-resident players per team.
    3. Play on a closed team.*
    4. Work fulltime for the sponsor.
    5. Own and operate their own business on a fulltime basis in the Oshkosh Area School District.

*A closed team is one on which all players are employees of a business or industry and/or members of an organization located in the Oshkosh Area School District. Members of clubs or organizations related to or sponsored by a business or industry must be employed fulltime in the School District by that business to be eligible.

  1. No college varsity, junior varsity, “B” team, or freshman officially listed as team members shall be permitted to play on any team in the Recreation Leagues.
  2. No changes can be made on the roster after May 9, 2017.
  3. No player can transfer teams.
  4. No changes in personnel will be accepted by telephone.


  1. Games may be postponed by the Recreation Department for programs and activities of a civic nature, which would be held in the gymnasium. Postponed games will be rescheduled as early as possible.
  2. Postponement of games due to poor weather conditions or other reasons shall be made by the Recreation Department before 4:00 P.M. Postponed games will be posted on the cancellation page of our website and announced on the Recreation Department hotline number, (920) 424-4044.
  3. Protests must be made in writing by the manager of the protesting team and must be in the Department of Recreation Office no later than 4:00 P.M. the day following the game in which cause of protest took place. A fee of thirty dollars, which will be returned if the protest is sustained, must accompany the protest. A protest requiring the thirty dollar fee is for the misinterpretation of a rule by the official and not for any judgment call that may be made.
  4. The use of an ineligible player (or players) automatically forfeits the game. Offended manager must present the protest in writing by 4:00 P.M. the day following the game in question. No protest fee is required for ineligible player protest.
  5. The Recreation Department will act on all protests no later than two weeks from the date of submission.
  6. No game shall start earlier than the scheduled time unless both managers agree and two officials are present.
  7. There is no grace period regarding the forfeiture of a game. Five (5) officially registered players must be present for the start of the game.
  8. Any team forfeiting two (2) games for any reason will be dropped from the league.
  9. In the event a game is forfeited, players may play a scrimmage game. This scrimmage game will not utilize game officials or scorer. The scrimmage game may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Gym Supervisor.


  1. Official National Federation Rules shall govern all games except for the changes noted in these rules.
    1. The game shall consist of two (2) halves, each twenty (20) minutes in duration. The game clock shall run continuously and will not stop for any fouls, violations, jump balls or substitutions. The clock will be stopped for any injury sustained by a player or for any timeouts called by the teams or officials.
    2. At the two (2) minute mark of each half, the game clock rule will revert to regular conditions with the clock stopping upon the call and signal of an official for any reason.
    3. Any time in the last two (2) minutes of the second half, the difference in score reaches ten (10) or more points, the clock will continue to run when the whistle is blown to signal a violation. This does not include fouls, jump balls and substitutions.
    4. A five (5) minute half time will be allowed between each half. In the event of a tie at the completion of regulation time, the game will be decided according to W.I.A.A. Rules. Overtime periods shall be four (4) minutes with a one (1) minute rest between the end of regulation and all subsequent overtime periods.
    5. During the first eighteen (18) minutes of each half, all players must line-up immediately for the administration of any free throws. If in the judgment of the game officials any intentional stalling or other delay of the progress of the game at any time shall result in the awarding of a team technical foul to the offending team. This will automatically result in two (2) points and possession of the ball being awarded to the opposing team pursuant to the assessment of all technical fouls.
    6. Free Throws-The two marked lane spaces closest to the end line will be vacant. Players may enter the lane upon the release of the basketball by the free throw shooter.
    7. Four (4) time-outs (30 seconds each) may be charged to each team during a regulation game. Each team is entitled to one (1) additional time-out during each extra period. Unused time-outs accumulate and may be used at any time. Time-outs in excess of the allotted number may be requested and shall be granted during regulation playing time or any extra period at the expense of a technical for each.
    8. Managers must submit their line-up to the scorer ten (10) minutes before each game starts. Include the full name (first and last).
    9. In the event two teams are tied for a league championship, there will be a one game playoff.
    10. Each player shall be numbered on at least the back of his shirt, or on both sides of the shirt, with plain Arabic numerals of solid color contrasting with the color of his shirt and made of material not less than ¾ of an inch wide. The number on the back shall be at least six (6) inches high and on the front, at least four (4) inches high. A player will be unable to participate on a given evening if he/she is wearing the following:
      • A different colored shirt than the rest of the team (light and dark shades of the same color on the same team will not be acceptable if the officials feel they will have difficulty).
      • A shirt with no numerals.
      • A shirt with a different numeral on the front than the back.
      • A shirt with more than two-digit numerals.
      • A shirt with adhesive tape numeral.
    11. Members of the same team shall not wear the same or identical numbers.
    12. There shall be no desperation shots taken from half court or further back. Penalty: Technical Foul (reason—damage to lights).
    13. There shall be no dunking allowed at any time (before, during or after a game). A made basket will be disallowed. Penalty: Technical foul (reason—damage to rim/backboard). If any damage occurs as a result of dunking as determined by Recreation Department Staff, the individual will be responsible for reimbursement of equipment repair or replacement.
    14. A bonus free throw will be awarded for each common foul (except a player control foul) committed by a player of a team, beginning with that team’s 7th personal foul in a half and continuing with the 8th and 9th team foul. Two (2) shots will be awarded to any common foul committed thereafter in the same half, other than a player control foul.
    15. A technical foul assessed to a player for any reason will automatically result in two (2) points and possession of the ball being awarded to the opposing team.
    16. There will be absolutely no shooting of basketballs allowed at the side baskets or game baskets at any time (including time-outs) during the course of a game by players of the teams waiting to play the next game. Also, there shall be no standing on the game court sidelines by players waiting to play the next game. This is particularly pertinent to the games played at the Recreation Gym. Teams may stretch in areas designated by the Gym Supervisor.
    17. All equipment used by players should be safely secured behind the team bench areas. This includes basketballs, sweat pants, shirts, gym bags, towels, etc. The Gym Supervisor will have full authority in having teams properly store this equipment during a game. Your cooperation in this matter will prevent unnecessary injuries.
    18. In the event a player sustains an open cut or wound, that player must leave the game and may not return until the cut or wound is completely covered and the external bleeding is controlled. Furthermore, a player who has an excessive amount of blood on his jersey or shorts will be directed to leave the game and cannot return until a replacement is secured.
    19. Substitutions may occur during any dead ball.


  1. Officials, as chosen by the Recreation Department, shall be in full authority of the game(s) they are assigned. This includes full authority of players, scorers and spectators.
  2. Only the team manager or captain may question a decision of the referee and only in case of a rule interpretation and not in the case of a judgment call.
  3. Scorers will be provided by the Recreation Department and shall be responsible for getting the game results to the Gym Supervisor after each game.
  4. Supervisors, as chosen by the Recreation Department, shall have the authority to recommend a game be stopped because it is out of hand and the suspension of any player for misconduct.
  5. Referees shall have the same authority as mentioned in Rule V, Section 4.
  6. Referees are to wear the official uniform in every game they are assigned.


  1. Two (2) technical fouls charged to a player in a game shall result in that player’s suspension for the remainder of the game and the next two scheduled games for said player’s team. Upon said player’s suspension from the remainder of the game, that player must immediately leave the facility. Furthermore the suspended player will not be allowed to enter the playing facility of the next two scheduled games. In extreme cases of unsportsmanlike behavior, the suspension may be more than two additional games as determined by the Recreation Department.
  2. In the event a player is suspended for a second time during the season while playing on any registered Recreation Department team, the length of suspension will be for the remainder of the current basketball season for all teams that the player is registered.
  3. Any player, who participates on any Recreation Department Basketball Team while under official suspension, shall be suspended for the remainder of the season. The game in which a suspended player participates in will result in an automatic victory for the opposition.
  4. *Any team accumulating five (5) or more player technical fouls during the season will be subject to the following game forfeiture schedule:

*5 total technical fouls 1 forfeited game. The next scheduled game will be declared a forfeit and the win awarded to the opposition. The offending team may not enter the playing facility.

*6 total technical fouls 2 forfeited games. The next two (2) scheduled games will be declared forfeits and the wins awarded to the opposition. The offending team may not enter the playing facility.

*7 total technical fouls All games for the entire 2016 season will be forfeited and the team will be dropped from the League. Registration for offending team for the 2018 season will be scrutinized.

  1. Players must remain seated on the bench at all times while the clock is running. Players may rise in front of their seats to spontaneously react to an outstanding play by a member of their team or to acknowledge a replaced player(s), but must immediately return to their seat. Penalty-technical foul.
  2. Physical contact by player(s) or spectators with an official, scorer or supervisor shall result in forfeiture of game by player’s team. The player(s) shall be suspended from participation in all Recreation Department programs for up to one year.
  3. Excessive verbal abuse of officials, scorers, or supervisors by players or spectators shall carry the same penalty as stated in Rule VI, Section 1.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct by player(s) or spectators toward other players or spectators may be penalized as stated in Rule VI, Section 1.
  5. There shall be absolutely no smoking or use of any tobacco product or drinking of alcoholic beverages in the gymnasiums, locker rooms or on any other school district property.


The Recreation Department will provide t-shirts and a sponsor plaque for the champion of each League.

Download printable version of Official Rules.