Who is this for?: Youth in Grades 3-5
Fees: Free
Day: Thursdays
Date: 4/4/24 - 5/2/24
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Location: James P Coughlin Center, 625 # County Road Y, #600, Oshkosh, Room A
When is this offered?: School Year

Which came first... the chicken or the egg?

Kids in Grades 3-5 get to embark on this exciting 5-week learning adventure that teaches youth about the life cycle of a chicken by preparing an incubator habitat for chick eggs.  As they observe the 21-day life cycle and prepare for hatching, participants will work as real-world scientists by observing, recording, analyzing, experimenting, problem solving and more! 

They will also learn about Wisconsin agriculture and food sources and how food does not start from a box or a bag. 

Tree T-shirt for registered youth.  Youth are encouraged to attend all 5 sessions for full experience.  Brought to you by Winnebago county 4H and Culvers of Westowne Avenue. 

Session 1:  Preparing the Environment: Incubators and setting the eggs

Session 2:  Watch them develop!  Egg condling at 8 days + Egg Anatomy

Session 3:  Scientists Make Predictions!  Egg weights and measures = Egg Candling at Day 15

Session 4:  Chicks Begin to Hatch!  Brooder Box Set-Up

Session 5:  Observing Baby Chicks and Learning About Wisconsing Agriculture & Food Sources

Registration for spring session begins on November 27, 2023.