Who is this for?: Ages 2-7
Fees: $120 - This class is exempt from the free/reduced fee
Non-Resident Fees: $120 - This class is exempt from the free/reduced fee
When is this offered?: Summer

create and learn coding

Classes will be held in a VIRTUAL only format.  Students are encouraged to participate from the comfort of their own home with an appropriate device (chromebook, laptop, desktop) with webcam as Zoom will be used.  Students will be engaged in creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration while learning the skill of Coding.  All classes are live online led by highly qualified teachers who are passionate about Computer Science education.

Scratch Ninja:  Grades 2-5

This class uses Scratch, a coding platform developed by MIT, as a tool to teach basic computer science and coding concepts such as loop, conditional, motion and sensing. Students will also work on a project in each session ranging from animation, games, to graphic design and storytelling, etc. The class employs a variety of interesting topics to teach logical thinking and inspire creativity, so your kids are not only learning but also creating starting from day 1.

scratch ninja

Junior Robotics:  Grades 2-4

Students will be introduced to the basics of VEX Code and programming in 3-D. Students will learn how to navigate robots through virtual worlds and complete exciting maze challenges!

junior robotics

My First Mobile Apps 1:  Grades 4-7

In this course, students will learn the basics of the mobile programming environment and how to code their very own apps. They will explore how to employ text, device sensors, and even the camera to build projects and games that involve image recognition, word games, and riddles.

mobileapp1 image

Circuit Wizards - Intro to Arduino:  Grade 4-7

In this class, we start with the basics of electronics. Students will learn how to create circuits, use resistors, and get introduced to Ohm's law, while building a series of cool projects and experiments. We will also code Arduino to start building smart devices that can sense their environment and respond accordingly.  This class uses an Arduino simulator and does not require a physical device.

arduino1 image