Who is this for?: Ages 3-5
Fees: $10
Non-Resident Fees: $15
Day: Various
Date: Various
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 AM
Location: Algoma Boulevard United Methodist Church (1174 Algoma Blvd)
When is this offered?: School Year

Don't let your  littles miss out on the excellent chance to learn socialization skills!

Activities include games, crafts, stories and special activities, but will also incorporate more physical activity, focus on health and nutrition and new themes for our lesson plans. The program is not considered pre-school however, some basic preschool concepts are taught.

All children must be potty trained and use restroom facilities independently. Parents are asked to sign up to provide snacks and serve as a class helper at least twice during the session.

No class November 20 - 23, 2023, or Thursday, Nov. 30.  Make-up class for Nov. 30 will take place on Friday, December 1 during regular class time.