• Who is this for?: 18+
  • Fees: $5.00 for All 7 Classes
  • Day: Wednesdays
  • Date: June 12 - July 31
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Location: Copper Hall located at 203 Otter Avenue
  • When is this offered?: Summer

Welcome to our expanded financial education series!   Online registration begins on Monday, April 29!

This summer our entire series will be updated with brand new content and we are expanding to 7 sessions.  If you have been a past attendee and learned something, please feel free to come back for a second time around!  We will cover:

Part I:  Residential Real Estate

Part II:  Estate Planning

Part III:  Income Tax Planning

Part IV:  Health Insurance for Those Under 65

Part V:   Investments

 Part VI:  Property Casualty Insurance

Part VII:  Contracts and Law

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